The mental and physical benefits of a regular massage

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  • On 25/05/2016
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The mental and physical benefits of a regular massage

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Do you like to take good care of your mental and physical health? Are you open to new ways of achieving that feeling of well-being? If so, consider the benefits of enjoying a regular massage.
Once seen as just the province of the health spa and the occasional pamper session, the benefits of a regular massage are gradually being realised- so much so that employees with the foresight to offer massage to their staff are seeing not only increases in productivity and creative output, but also a drop in absenteeism. So what is about a massage that can achieve so much?
Stress reduction is probably the most obvious benefit of regular massage. The pace demands of modern life take their toll and while the occasional tension headache or backache might not seem significant, it can, over time, start to erode our energy and ability to function at our best. In the extreme, we can find ourselves struggling to function while suffering from depression or state of anxiety. Taking time out for a regular massage might seem another commitment that just can't fit in,but the benefits in terms of stress reduction more then outweigh the disadvantages. Massage release the cortisol hormone, which is viral in lowering stress levels, so think of it as well-being gained, not time lost.

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Living with chronic pain, whether from a medical condition, injury, or workplace.
Stress, is another source of sapped strength and vitality. Although not an medical cure, regular massage can not only help with physical pain by stimulating endorphins release, but also improve emotional response. In case of joint disease or stiffness, it can also help to promote flexibility. You may be in daily pain - cause of which you are unable to prevent - but empowering yourself to live with it makes all the difference to the quality of life. If you are emotionally well, your pain will almost certainly dominate you less. 
If you love physical exercise, regular massage can also be of great benefit. Chances are that you are fit and active and enjoy excellent cardiovascular health, but muscle tension and even strain can still prevent you from performing at your best. Whether you are an elite or hobby sport enthusiast, enjoying a regular massage can relive tired and aching muscles and prevent injuries before muscles become damages through intensive exhaustion.
Even if none of the above applied to you, there are still immense gains from massage. Stimulating that lymphatic system strengthens your immune system, making you much less vulnerable to those irritating viral infections that plague you more often then you would like. Evidence suggest that massage may break down fat beneath the skin and aid weight loss. Many people report that the relaxation and stress reduction benefits of massage also help them to sleep much better. Massage creates a virtuous circle in your life. 
So, if god physical and mental health are important to you and with so many proven benefits from regular massage, make sure that you ring fence a time  each week for a massage session, then enjoy the new vitality and zest for life that results.



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