The hidden pleasures behind Nuru massage in London

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The hidden pleasures  behind Nuru massage in London
Nuru Massage's also known as body slide, is a massage performed using a special kind of massage gel call 'Nuru Gel' that can be found at online shops, or special body care shops on high street.

Nuru massage in london

The intrigued word "Nuru" comes from the Japanese language, and means slippery, but we tend to believe it was also originated from the name of the seaweed used in the gel, called Nori. The Nuru Gel Massage originating from Japanese soap-lands, is a very intimate, erotic form of massage with many benefits for an overall, body and mind blowing experience. 
Nuru Massage is once of the most sensual and erotic Japanese practice, communal at every parlour in Japan but also getting a high demand in western countries, but not only.In European countries,massage parlours introduced this type of massage, like a luxury package,dedicated mostly for gentlemen's and couples.
This type of massage is not therapeutic efficacy, but always made in the context of the erotic. Is a type of massage for the whole body, which oil is very slippery from algae. The one who relax lies on a mattress right hand while the specialist rub it with the body, skidding along on him in the head and up to his feet.
Specials Nuru Massage is a massage made with the body sensual of miss that will energize every part of your body. Special oils used by this, the atmosphere, exciting and the rest we invite you to discover. Is a type of massage extremely sensual, in which both the one who plays are completely undressed.
We are programmed to feel pleasure when we feel soft touch, because all over our skin is rich in their endings runners. When it comes to the language of your body, it is not necessary to let you control every movement, because they come anyway naturally.

Nuru massage in London, is a way to spend and treat your body with one of the most erotic session of massage,discovering the art of simple touch,the 
lascivious moves of sexy masseuses, during your body into a battle of millions of emotions and vibrations.
Are you a novice in London and have no idea about the hidden pleasure of Nuru massage?You want to be praised and fondled on every inch of your body,then take the advise and try Nuru Massage in London and will make sure it will be an experience hard to forget.
Nuru massage is defined as the massage done on an inflated mattress, it is basically performed in Japan by oriental,sexy women's with a lot of warm oil and at the end you are free to release the erotic energy, indeed having a very astronomic orgasm.
But now it is not confined to Japan, but you can get this facility in London as well and can relax yourself through this massage. There are different types of therapies available in London massage centre they are:
I.    Tantra massage
II.    Prostate massage
III.    Body to body massage
IV.    Nuru massage:
It is an ancient Japanese massage technique, the nuru refers to slippery, means that the massage is done by nuru oil on a nude body. It is full body to body sensual massage done by a nude woman to a nude man by using a nuru gel which makes moth the bodies slippery. 

When you visit a massage parlour in London you see an opportunity of nuru massage and you want to know that how it is performed, answering the question we will discuss that how nuru massage is given to a person.
 Lay on the air filled mattress, don’t use any fabric to lay on because it will absorb the gel or oil and you will not get the required result of the nuru massage
 A bowl is placed near a person to mix nuru gel and water, so to get the best consistency for massage
 Two towels are laid near both of the individuals and one towel is placed on the head side of the mattress
 It depends on you which type of environment you need like candle light, soft music or dim light 
 Before taking the massage take a shower with the warm water or individual hygiene
 Foreplay is very important before the massage 
 Then a person lays down on the air mattress and the masseuse pour a nuru gel over the body of a person so that it spreads over the body and then she starts doing  massage
 Next start a true nuru massage by climbing on the partner with sensual moves, gentles touches,pointing some targeted points tipical sensitive for men/woman, keep   eye contact during the session of Nuru massage to enhance the sensations and energies around both of you.
  She pours a lot of gel on the body and the targeted area if the client is female the targeted areas are breast and pubis and if the client is male the targeted point   is the male genital area.
 The massage girl will rud her body over the client’s body and reliefs his tension and stress.
Reasons to have nuru massage:
- Satisfaction of mind and body
- These minerals in Nuru Massage Gel is deeply moisturizing after treatment gives a feeling of a soft, fresh and healthy skin.
- Seaweed body wrap is excellent in the treatment of cellulite, connective tissue weakness with fluid retention
- Nuru Gel contains Chamomile Azulene which increases the peripheral circulation in the skin while restoring flexibility , softness and health of sensitive skin that   suffers from inflammation and irritation. 
- Nuru Gel reduces erythema ( redness) , moisturize and protect dry skin.
- Provides a smooth, fresh and healthy skin
- Suitable for all skin types
- It keeps the blood circulation, digestion system good and also boost the immune system and reduces stress.
Deeper emotional connection:
The most important part when you offer Nuru massage in London is the environment.The scented candles, the smell of rose petals and chill-out music make you feel romantic and relaxed,completing the experience with warm nuru gel.

The nuru massage is a type of addiction, if someone experience it once then will come to the massage centre again and again.In European countries,for example Germany,many gentlemen's spend up to five-six hours at one massage parlour,thanks to their hospitality,where they are offered some drinks,jacuzzi, VIP treatments with two or more girls that rub your body with nuru gel and sometimes are getting involved more then just a sensual massage ( Full personal services)
Is well know that many people travel to Thailand,Japan or other oriental countries, where specialist masseuse are well trained in the art of Nuru massage, like no other place in the world.
There is no surprise why this phenomena is getting so popular, with daily stress people need alternative ways to face their problems, or to enjoy some erotic moments,be it men, woman or couples.
Just in case you where looking for a surprise for your boyfriend, or your girlfriend and want an unique and original idea, why not find the best massage parlour in London, where they offer Nuru massage and personal services. You will rock with this idea and your loved one will remember this experience of Nuru massage in London forever.Browse now all ads dedicated to London nuru massage and contact directly any parlour or independent Thai masseuse.

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