The Art of Sensuality and the Erotic Massage

It’s a wonderful word this one: SENSUALITY. It’s about seduction, thrill, lustiness, sensitivity, excitement, awareness, feel. It comes in all shapes and it can be seen all around, either sexualized or not. Most often we immediately think of women’s bodies, as they are the inspiration behind many famous artworks: sculptures, paintings, statues. And I would like to add photography also and a very good example is a blog I have come across recently that had a great article featuring a photographer that integrated women in specific backgrounds, that in themselves you would not observe the sensuality, if the female shape was not included. You can check it out here .


I love all the pictures listed in that article and that got me thinking of a session of erotic massage. How everything is geared towards sensuality : the semi darkness created in the room with the help of soft flickering candles, the sensual music playlist , the long lingering movements that create tranquility and intimacy. Because, yes, you can get intimacy from an erotic sensual massage even if there is no sexual intercourse. Actually, there is more intimacy and feeling since there is no performance pressure! We all know that’s a real thing but don’t stress over it, guys.

A sensual nude experience like the erotic massage should have as a main focus seduction, excitement and playfulness. In another blog post of mine, I have said that the happy ending is not the focus of the session, that is only the by-product and once you see it like that, you get to enjoy and are aware of every touch because that is what builds up the excitement.

The idea is that sensuality in every day life even can massively improve relationships and couple’s interaction habits since is an experience that you have to slow down for, put yourself second and treat your partner with affection and suggestiveness so she/he can relish in your attention.
Some couples use the erotic sensual massage as a steamy foreplay for a hot night spent together under the sheets and is good that they do that. It creates an even stronger emotional bond between them and it can be used as a sexual game.
As a self standing experience, without sex involved, it feels extremely intimate and it gives us the opportunity to have no guilt and to enjoy a session of erotic massage with no strings attached.

Erotic massage is beginning to be perceived as a game of seduction, a title very much worth it, as men become more aware of other senses in their body that they never knew existed. A soft lingering caress going down the back, a gentle touch of the fingers on the inner thigh or a masseuse’s oiled body just resting on top of him ,breathing together in the same relaxed rhythm.Now, when you decide to call for a session of sensual massage while you are in the French Capital, it means you decided to allow yourself to be seduced, pampered and pleasantly surprised.

But if you find yourself stranded in Paris, looking for an outcall hotel massage session, know that Miss “Sensuality” herself is here to help you relax and unwind with a thrilling body to body massage.

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