Relevant Tips For Erotic Massage

It’s a well-known fact that an erotic massage Kensington as a sexual foreplay is one of the best sex tips available to follow. Simultaneously, we are all aware that not many people know how to do it. Very few massage their partner for more than a couple of minutes.

Relevant tips for erotic massage in london

Relevant Tips For Erotic Massage

One uses all kinds of wrong strokes and bad pressure points that leave your partner more in pain and stress than the aroused and relaxed stated you want them to be! However, it should be a well-planned session done with care on all aspects and technique for a satisfying and pleasurable experience. The below tips would help you:-


It is imperative to have the right intention built up via some intimate moments before one actually gets into the erotic massage session. Taking a bath together, watching any romantic and erotic movie together, etc. are some activities that you two can do together to make you both get into the mood and develop an attitude of sharing informal communication and fuel sexual desire.


A very important aspect of erotic massage is serenity and confidentiality. One needs to take steps to ensure it. Your phone should be placed on silent mode; children sent to spend time with their grandparents or friends. Simultaneously, no one should come and disturb you. It is always preferable to choose that evening or day when the following day does not have any hectic schedule, and you can relax. This will help both of you to completely focus on the moment of sensuality and enjoy it to the hilt.


Right ambiance and setting also play a very crucial role in creating and synergizing the erotic energy in both partners. Lighting should always be dimmed and soft and never be harsh or direct. The bulbs can be screened to make the light soft and diffused. However, nothing beats the effect of candles. They lend a truly romantic effect.


Tantalizing our olfactory senses is a tried and tested trick to increase the sexual energy and mood as well as add spunk to your ambiance. Burning sandal, incense sticks or any other aromatic substance can just add the perfect touch!

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