Relaxing Massage in Korea

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                                         Enjoy a relaxing massage and full body massage service in South Korea

There are some places with built-in and favorable reputations. Some reputations are the friendliness of people in the Philippines, Vietnam and Canada; the splendor of Malaysia; the exotic locations of Greece and Egypt; the adventure of much of South America (especially in Brazil and along the Amazon River) and much of sub-Saharan Africa; and the warmness of the Korean people.


This warmness of the Korean people is evident in three things. The first thing is that of food. It has been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but that could apply to women and children as well. Everybody appreciates good food, and Koreans seem to be the masters of it. Delicious, barbecued food is omnipresent both in nice restaurants and from street vendors. At the latter, the food is very affordable, and it has been our experience that street or roadside food everywhere is the most flavorful and tasty option.

The second result is shown in shopping. Korea is a shopper’s paradise, although not necessarily a business paradise as there are a great many pirated and knock-off items (resulting in great losses to established businesses). Moreover, even though Koreans are warm, they still want to make an easy buck (or, more accurately, an easy won). Be prepared to haggle. It has been our experience that when a merchant states a certain price for an item then you should seek to pay about one-third of that. For example, if an item is 10,000 won (about 9 U.S. dollars) then try to pay no more than 3,333 won. You also need to be aware that Korean shopping districts are extremely congested, especially during the weekends.


The greatest experience of this warmness is shown in massage services such as deep tissue massage in Korea, saunas and spa services in Korea and massage parlors in Korea. Korean massages are good not only intrinsically but also in relation to the foregoing mentioned things.


One wonderful example of this is that of a one-hour whole-body massage, focusing on the feet, for about 35,885 won. Many people currently go to Japan for massages and for foot massages, but this price is far more affordable than that found anywhere in Japan. Especially if you are coming from Japan, and even more so if you are coming from more distant locations, then you ought to stay in Korea for at least five to seven days. With the price of massages, you can afford to get it every day.


While you are here, you can go on various tours which also include spa tours, which you can use as a Korea massage guide. Some of the best places for Korean massages have been found to be in the neighborhoods of Myeongdong and Insadong, as well as in Gyeungbokgung and Changdeokgung. All of this will help you to fully experience the warmness of Korea.

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