Promoting Massage Services in Australia

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  • On 30/05/2015
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Twenty+ years ago, the way to advertise and promote your spa treatments in Australia or deep tissue massage in Australia was through the “real” or offline world. This often meant placing an advertisement in the yellow pages of the telephone directory or placing an Australia massage classified ad and hoping that people would see the ad and flock to your massage services business.


Now we know that these are virtually doomed to fail. After all, you never purchased a Mars Bar after just one advertisement or encounter with it, and neither do others. Television commercials are proof of that. You may have to see a commercial for the Mars Bar 50 times before you are intrigued enough to purchase it. Today, online services and the Internet are efficient ways to promote your massage service in Australia, at a tiny fraction of the cost of a television commercial. 

The following are some steps in taking advantage of the best that the Internet has to offer in promoting your Australian spa treatment centre.


  • Create your own website. Some businesses rely strictly on social media such as Google+ or Facebook (although certainly not Twitter as you would want to communicate fully what your massage service provides). There is some merit to this, but social media sites do not yet have the flexibility and the features that a reputable business needs. Perhaps the best is to have a two-pronged approach: to have your own website and to promote it and to interact with potential customers through social media.


  •  Incorporate SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation)  techniques either by yourself or preferably through a knowledgeable and experienced SEO professional. These techniques can include PPC (or pay-per-click) advertising, creating videos of your spa treatment business and uploading them to YouTube, participate in forums and blogs and consider having a blog at your own website (and both of these can help spread a good word about your massage services and result in favorable reviews in directories such as Yelp), use email marketing to reach out to an even larger audience, and interact with social media communities and pages to increase your followers and likes.


  • Even if you are not on Google+, create a Google business page which will be seen on Google+. Google being Google ranks websites higher when they have a presence in the Google family, and people being people use Google far more frequently when they are searching for anything and everything. Take advantage of this by having a Google business page.


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