Mud therapy what it is and how to use it

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Mud therapy what it is and how to use it

Mud   therapy benefits

The use of sludge as a therapeutic factor has an effect known for thousands of years, being one of the oldest treatments used since ancient Egypt , and even our days is popular and is used for medical treatments.Therapeutic properties of mud from Techirghiol are recognised around the world. First written attestation on the use of sludge for curative purposes,belong to the Ottoman army, whose commanders used to do in the early 1800.

Many have resorted to the use of mud for therapeutic purposes which have not been surprising to many of us as mud is found to have several benefits over known modern therapies. Since the medieval ages when the origins of mud therapy can be traced, its use has been growing steadily.
Why the use of mud?
Nature, as well as the human body, comprises of different energy areas known as "chi" in Chinese. As a component of nature, the human body needs to have its state of balance to be able to get rid of diseases. According to various researchers, the use of mud, which is applied on the skin helps in setting free the areas with interference fields.
By setting these free, the mud therapy has succeeded in many ways in offering a natural cure to most individuals. Because of the composition of the physical and the energy bodies, any interference field on the physical body affects the energy body which in turn causes disease.
The presences of toxins in the body also act as interference's and are known to be precursors to poor health. However, ingredients of the natural mud extracted from the earth bring the solutions to these problems closer. 
How is mud therapy done?
There are diverse forms of natural clay which is used in the unique therapy. Because modern medicine has adopted its use, mud pack is the standard reference to the whole package of whichever for of mud used during the treatment.
However, it is also worth noting that mud from the diverse sources is not the same and may contain different strands of elements, all beneficial to the body. Black mud, which has creamy feel and composition, is the most commonly used. Moor mud which is as a result of organic residues can also be used.
Frequent application of the mud packs or their uses on baths is the most common form of the therapy. Mud application on specific areas which are deemed to have the interference's has been seen to work wonders. So it is common to see the face, head, and eyes and even stomach application of the mud packs.

Importance of mud therapy
As can be seen, the use of mud therapy has cut for itself an important part of the natural treatment. Some of the benefits of the mud therapy include;
a)    Healing of stomach upsets- it is deduced that Mahatma Gandhi used a lot of mud therapy to get healing from stomach upsets and at times improve his digestive processes. The secret is that the balance the body achieves is important in adding the process.
b)    Reduction of body waste- by applying it to the skin, it is one of the best detoxification. No wonder many beauty queens flock the beaches of the Dead Sea for its beauty touch.
c)    Better blood flow- which is the key element which makes it widely recommended as it greatly enhances skin pores and this help the blood flow well. As a result, diseases are flushed out.
Many other areas of the body healing process have been known to take the therapy positively.The preference of the mud treatment to the other forms of cold water therapies is never to be understated, try it today.

Sludge  therapy benefits

The use of sludge in therapy began in the second half of the nineteenth century, Techirghiol ( mud ) and ( peat mud from Copăceni and Poiana Stampa). Then it was extended to the therapy practiced in different spas on the Black Sea and Dead Sea. At the beginning of the twentieth century, teams of Romanian and foreign specialists have studied the benefits of treatment with Techirghiol mud. Therefore in 1924 Techirghiol mud received the gold medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris.The sludge is a substance with a complex chemical composition, formed after an extremely long biological process ( called peloidogeneză ) in specific conditions in Techirghiol. Shiny and oily sludge has a characteristic smell (hydrogen sulfide ) and possess physical properties that make it extremely useful in the treatment of various diseases, it is unique from all points of view. Thus, the sludge has the ability to stretch, to mold the body surface is elastic, absorbs water like a sponge, while being able to mix very well ( is hidropexic ), easy to store heat ( is termopexic ) has a low termoconductibility, therefore, applied hot on the skin, gives a feeling of warmth smaller than a water bath at the same temperature.Heated sludge is used for various procedures: wraps, poultices and mixed with salt water from the lake to the tub baths. How to apply partial mud wraps consist of warm, 45-50 degrees for 20-30 minutes possibly with massage, or oncţiuni, which can be partial or complete cold mud and sun exposure (Egyptian method). Applying slurry across the surface of the skin, triggers local tissue reactions and general function by inhibiting or activating certain enzymatic and metabolic systems. Mud bathing cures with success health problems that persists for a long time by changing the capacity of adaptive response to various stimuli.Tourists who go on the Romanian seaside can treat various diseases in special centres at Techirghiol, Mangalia, Eforie North and Neptune but also large hotels offer therapies with mud, salt water and many other medical treatments dedicated to provide well-being and to improve the health of patients.

Another place in the world where mud has been discovered is Dead Sea.
The Dead Sea is actually a large salt lake, situated below 400 m below sea level and is powered by a single river, the Iordan river. The so called " Dead Sea " is due to high salinity life is not possible here.There is only bacteria anaerobic and some halophytic plants developed on shore. the average salt content of the Dead Sea water is 28%, which explains the free floating of those who come to bathe here.
Dead Sea but also Techirghiol region near Black Sea in Romania are renowned worldwide for effective treatment of dermatological diseases, especially psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and vitiligo. Besides these dermatological diseases, there is an improvement in symptoms at all rheumatic diseases, several chronic lung disease, asthma and cystic fibrosis, uveitis, Crohn's disease and heart disease.
Conditions that respond to treatment with mud from the Dead Sea and Techirghiol are listed below :
1. Psoriasis
Treating the patient with the sun, in the Dead Sea, area exposes him to natural UV radiation, the amount of which is considerably less than the usual amount of artificial UV radiation in a hospital or a clinic.
Making several baths a day in the Dead Sea, it is recommended for patients with psoriasis and lead to profound improvements .
Topical treatment such as oils and ointments based on minerals and mud from the Dead Sea are an integral part of the treatment of patients with psoriasis.
2. Atopic Dermatitis
This disease, more prevalent in children, is often a challenge for physicians in cases of moderate to severe cases.
Dead Sea treatment program is individually tailored for these highly sensitive , with a treatment duration between four to six weeks .
The results of this treatment are very impressive, 97 % of patients with dermatitis showing an improvement after Dead Sea therapy, and 70 % of them showing a dramatic improvement.

 3. Rheumatic Diseases
Rheumatic patients are referred to specialised treatments Balneotherapy, they have access to sulphurous water pools, mud and natural salt water. Massaging the body with black mud and various natural oils help patients observe rheumatic problems and improvements in medications like painkillers and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents,they can often be reduced or even completely stopped. However, disease modifying drugs must be continued ( or may slowly be reduced ) because the results rarely appear in the first two or three weeks.
5. Chronic lung disease :
- asthma
- cystic fibrosis
- Chronic obstructive pulmonary .
5. Uveitis
This acute, chronic or chronic - recurring inflammatory disease involves the vascular membrane of the eye ( uvea ) . The corresponding changes that may occur are iritis, cyclical and choroiditis, but sometimes also combined - cycle Panuveitis irido, leading to adherence of the iris to the lens, immobility pupil, secondary glaucoma, damage the retina and lens opacities.
6. Crohn's disease
The hyperbaric oxygen environment at the Dead Sea was used to treat six patients with perianal Crohn's disease starting from the assumption that tissue oxygenation was impaired . After a 2-week stay, including sun exposure, physical activity in the Dead Sea, occurred in a patient complete healing of perianal fistulas and everyone else was a striking improvement. In addition, disease activity index was uniformly reduced.
7. Heart disease and Hypertension / Ischaemic
Based on several studies, where hypertensive patients were exposed to the climate of the Dead Sea it was concluded that ( regardless of age ), high blood pressure is not a contraindication for treatment at the Dead Sea .
Mud from the Dead Sea and Techirghiol can be bought in pharmacies but also online websites special dedicated for natural products.Centres for hydrotherapy and mud treatments are found in different cities around the world, but to feel a revolutionary effect offered fresh air and aerosols is recommended to stay few weeks at Dead Sea and Techirgiol - Black Sea . As you can see nature offers us all natural treatments that the human body needs, you only need to search for them.

Techirgiol mud therapy

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