Minx Massage - Being Fit and how it Impacts Sex

Studies have shown that the level of fitness of a person is often completely correlated with how good they are at sex. 

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Of course this makes sense to because we tend to think that to have good sex you have to have endurance and someone that looks like they go the gym must definitely have endurance right? Well that is true but actually being fit and having good sex aren’t things that are always mutually inclusive. Good sex is so much more than simply being able to last for a while or even having a nice body to look at. Having good sex is more about the fact that you’re honest and open with the other person. Yes, that does sound corny and maybe you’re thinking that there is no way a girl wouldn’t enjoy sex with Chris Hemsworth based on the fact that he’s freaking Thor… but unless Chris Hemsworth is willing to put in the work on tickling a woman’s brain as much as her eyes then he can be just as bad at sex as anyone else. Not to mention… there are plenty of people who aren’t visually fit that can drive any man or woman wild with little effort.

Again sex is a mental game more than a physical game because anyone can play the physical game. When you actually connect with someone, when you care about them having a good time and taking your time… that’s when the real amazing stuff happens. This is actually why so many more people need to be having tantric massages as soon as possible. Not only will you learn about your endurance (and realize you might not be as good as you think you are… but that can be fixed) but you will also learn the importance of creating a space where you are truly being intimate with someone. Being fit has nothing to do with that and you’ll be surprised at how much your beautiful masseuse can teach you about the ultimate sensual experience. Let her take the lead and rock your world while teaching you all about true sensual endurance and it starts with your connection to each other.

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