Massage therapy for cancer treatments

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For some reasons or others, cancer is very mediated daily at news,radio and some internet adverts,but what exactly cause this cells to damage the body in such a horrible way? From researches specialists discover that UK people are more vulnerable to be diagnosed with cancer,some of the reasons that cause this disease is  very common for stressed people.

Either working too many hours or in too stressful environment, once this fear is installed into your brain is very much probable that you will suffer from this health problem soon or later.But what can you do to prevent this happen? 
Specialists suggest to relax as much as possible, try to practice meditation,conscious breathing and eating healthy.
But all this are not enough to prevent the cancer, you need to have an active life, try to walk as often as you can and embrace the nature with her energy that will vitalize your body, mind and soul. 
Start to practice cycling, or use the exercises machines that are installed in your nearest park and think positive. Yes this is very important for people who suffer from cancer, think positive and listen relaxing music that offer you confidence in your own forces.
But how massage can help patients that suffer from cancer? Well is not a doubt that a professional touch is offering you nice feeling,relaxation and help you to realist all stress from daily routine. 
Massage therapies, such as Swedish massage, myofascial release and reflexology, have great benefits for anyone with cancer or recovering from treatment. Massage therapists are unique in their ability to promote physical, emotional and psychological healing in all stages of cancer.
Massage therapy is one avenue of treatment that permeates a deeper level of healing,reduces stress and anxiety levels, relieves insomnia, decreases nausea, eases depression, manages pain and lessens the need for medication.
Massage therapy is introduced very often in treatments for cancer according to American Society for Cancer, thanks to benefits that bringing help to cure stress,pain, helping improve blood circulation and immune system, giving one plus in front of chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.
The scope of this technique is to revitalize entire body and mind, building harmony between each other and helping the person who suffer from cancer to keep a healthy lifestyle.
The procedure is implying simple and gentle touches, depends of how sensitive is the patient and how advantage is the cancer.The body parts that are affected by cancer cannot be massaged too hard and must consider the most important elements through the treatment: diagnostic, treatment,period after treatment and recurrence of disease.Comfort, quality of life and sense of calm and well being each of which are a benefit of massage should not be undervalued. These conditions are fundamental in changing a patient's outlook, which can have incredible healing powers. Feeling and looking healthy are other aspects of keeping a patient's spirits up.
Massage helps to ease the effects of cancer pain out and away from the body. Due to the nature of their disease, cancer patients can be viewed as too fragile for massage, but massage has proven safe and beneficial at many stages of cancer. A responsible, massage-licensed therapist knows the patient's condition and what is involved in his or her other treatments. The therapist also researches the drugs the patient is taking, as well as the resulting side effects, in order to provide the most complete and beneficial treatment possible.
For breast cancer, the massage therapist need to be licensed and have experience for this kind of treatment.Do not accept to have your breast massaged by anybody if you know you suffer from cancer, only allow specialists to massage your breast and follow their advices during period of treatment.
Some side effects of using massage therapy:
In general you can receive massage from massage therapist specialists and you need to inform your family doctor about your massage sessions and what is the name of therapist
- Pain or other symptoms that cannot find diagnostic.
- When patient is pregnant.
- Fractures.
- Rheumatoid arthritis.
- Severe osteoporosis.
- Burns or wounds.
Some types of massage can cause for the patient muscle soreness, in the next day, but usual massage shouldn't be painful, so if any types technique of massage you have is feeling painful or unpleasant, inform your massage therapist immediately.
Some questions you might ask the massage specialist before start your sessions:
- if is licensed and what kind of diploma have, or what experience had in the past
- how many sessions of therapeutic massage you might need in your case.
- how much is the charge and if is included in your health insurance( if you book a private clinic is for sure that you have to pay all sessions in full)
Remember massage therapy is not only to feel good and spoiled, is also a tool to improve your health condition and prevent cancer.
Do not forget to relax, eat as much vegetables as possible, stay confident with yourself,join community on Facebook where you can talk with people what have the same problem and you can find more advices from people who cure from cancer with alternative therapies or with medication.
In no case ignore your family doctor or specialist and try to play with your health by using just massage therapy for cancer treatments.
Stay health, think positive, read books,listen music, do things that is make you happy,be confident with yourself, try to make new friends and join many activities in your local area,start a new hobby, stay connected with nature and breathe much fresh air as possible,sleep at least eight hours in the night and drink as much water as possible, water is energy that will transmit to your body.
Wish you health to everyone and if you have a story about this subject let us know by leaving a comment at the bottom of this article.


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