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Massage therapy can be considered as one of the most effective and natural way of healing in this era. It has emerged as an integral part of alternative medication. Research has shown that a good professional massage can help in reducing muscle tension, stress and pain. One can give up their dependency on pain or anxiety pills which comes along with a few harmful side effects. The hard working people who are suffering from insomnia due to stress, can choose a good massage parlor and get rid of the problem rather than consuming various prescribed drugs. For the last few years the USA massage therapists has created quite a stir by building a few remarkable parlors which are designed to cater to the variable need of different clients. Some of the parlors are even open 7 days a week to prove their efficiency and availability.


There is a boom in the massage therapy in USA, with a 19% increase from the year 2008. Some of the few well known massage parlors of USA are: Safe Sun Spa (Yorkville, Upper East Side; NY 10021) ; Renew Body Wellness ( Greenwich Village, NY 10011) ; Taiji Body Work (Chelsea, NY 10001). Among these Taiji Body Work is quite well reputed for providing the best hour long massage. At the same time it’s not one of those shady places with neon lights that can creep out anyone. It has a very clean and relaxing interior with a cozy setting. They offer tempting monthly discounts, so before you pay a visit make sure to check their website for the discount. The place is quite well known for its foot spa and hot stone therapy. As for the Safe Sun Spa it has been reported to be very professional and they give a long amazing massage that would instantly make you feel free of pain and stress. The parlor at Manhattan called Renew Body Wellness has received many positive reviews about being open till late with a friendly and clean interior. It is best known for the combination of massages they offer, for example hot stone and deep tissue massage. Even if there is a neon lighting advertisement just outside this establishment, it is not involved in any kind of shady dealings.

Beside the above mentioned parlors the Ease NY (Midtown East, NY 10017) can be considered as one of the best. This little establishment is invisible under the scaffolds in a small building, but don’t get discouraged as entering the spa you will be taken aback by the soothing and spectacular ambiance of the space. Their knowledge about the right pressure points and obstinate knots is a real boon for the customer in pain. Many of their satisfied customers have given a positive review about how their sore back, fatigued feet or stressed out shoulders were relieved by the body rub provided by their best professional. The reviews for massage parlors in USA are enough to show the significance of this rising body work or massage industry.  

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