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Learn more about lingam massage, some secrets that not too many people know. Lingam massage is a type of  massage that focus on the penis gland,the bottom part, touching gentle with fingers, till is reaching testicles, this technique is offering a truly pleasure for the person who receive this fabulous session.

Lingam massage practice in London

Definition of lingam massage is coming from  (Sanskrit for penis, loosely translated as "wand of light") including the penis, testicles, perineum and sacred spot (prostate) allows you to surrender to a form of pleasure you may not be used to. This procedure is introducing you into a different world, is connecting your body with soul, is opening your eyes to different emotions that you didnt felt till the moment of lingam massage. Lingam massage is building and harnessing your sexual energy for pleasure and healing. For this you may be given a pillow for your head and your hips will be slightly raised with another while your legs are slightly apart with the knees bent.
The practitioner that give you this type of massage need to have experience, has to be that kind of person who understand extaltic pleasure or orgasmic touches.This isn't a "rub and tug" massage, the lingham massage is a very powerful, is know as sacred element of the treatment - by this time it is hoped you are relaxed and at ease, and have let go of the judgements, and constraints of modern culture to allow your mind, body, spirit and emotions the freedom and permission to explore and enjoy the pleasure of such intimate touch to a point of release.

The lingam massage is similar with prostate massage,the men who receive prostate massage will love himself more,will know himself better and will benefit from this practice recommended by doctors, when they have problems and using the toilet too often. Any men at one stage he had problem with prostate, going to toilet in the middle of the night often, cant rest, cant sleep and using tablet that most of the time doesn't help with nothing. Either is for pleasure or that you need,prostate massage was discovered and is practised in many massage parlours in the world.Do not feel embarrassed to ask the receptionist for prostate massage, some masseuse will be more then happy to offer you this kind of pleasure,desired by men.
For many men this is a very unusual sensation and feeling, and one that can open us to experiences and pleasures never previously enjoyed.
After such a powerful experience it is nice to enjoy it, following release there is very much a feeling of pleasure, and well-being. Now that you know a bit more about prostate massage, you should try and see if is right for you or not. Till you don't try something, you don't know if is the right for you. Good luck and hope you will tell us about your experience.



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