Lifting your mood with a male massage services

Lifting your mood with a male massage services.

Male Massage Mood Lift

It’s the time of year when an abrupt post-holiday slump can befall us with unexpected profundity. Our mood is subject to the most unpleasant and unwelcome deterioration as the tinsel gets tossed in the garage along with the sense of good-will that seemed to be all around us just moments before. The change can come like a nighttime thief, stealing our happiness. Of course, for some people, the distressing darkness of mood arrives even earlier because the festive season itself is not enjoyable for them. Either because of family fractures or other inter-personal problems, simply getting through December 24th to January 1st is nothing short of an endurance test. Whatever the case, by the time the new year comes around, we can feel anything from a mild depressiveness through to a more alarming sense of vanished hope. There is, however, an answer - male massage. And there’s evidence backing up that assertion.


Does massage boost serotonin?

How can massage help fight depression?

Provided you arrange your gay massage session with a reliable and established agency, such as Tantric Soul, you’ll enjoy a range of mood-lifting benefits. As the massage starts to relieve muscle and connective tissue tension, blood flow improves and relaxation envelops you like a warm kiss. While it shouldn’t be relied on as a cure for depression, it will lift its symptoms. So, for example, afflictions including depressive fatigue, sluggishness and insomnia will noticeably improve. You’ll also enjoy an immediate sense of gratification because of the loving power of a fully-trained pair of hands easing and soothing your body, all over. Massage can’t necessarily deal with deep-seated causes of clinical depression, but for a post-seasonal mood boost, it’ll do the trick every time.

Does massage boost serotonin?

Absolutely! Serotonin, the body’s sunshine chemical, giving us that unmistakable happy glow, is increased by massage. And it’s not the only bonus. Our bodies will also produce more dopamine and oxytocin following a wonderful, healing session. Alas, it can’t last forever, but following the treatment, you’ll enjoy a walking-on-air, feel-good sensation that’s better and far more nourishing than the short-lived mood-lift of, say, an alcoholic drink or a shopping session.

Post-massage glow

There’s more. A good deluxe treatment will not only blitz your post-holiday mood-crash. It’ll come with a side-serving of anxiety-busting goodness. That’s because massage decreases the production of cortisol, the stress hormone which, in too great a quantity, stops serving us in any way and just leaves us feeling rattled and run into the ground. Studies have shown that we can expect an average 31 percent reduction in cortisol. That’ll mean we no longer take panicky, shallow breaths and have nights of fitful sleep. Instead, a deep, rich peace becomes our companion and we feel ready to take on 2019 with a much more optimistic, calm and stately attitude. If you are looking for a prime male massage with a wide variety of treatments, you could check out our gallery which comes with a comprehensive list of gay masseurs, who are happy to help you find ways to lift your mood through this complimentary therapy.


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