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Traditional Japanese massage are varieties of Asian massage techniques involving thumb, elbow and fingertip pressure. A Japanese massage can be defined as one that uses several techniques. Some of which include shiatsu and reflexology. Japanese massage is used specially for people who suffer from different muscle disease by facilitating the release of stress within the muscles and nervous system. Massage practitioner spreading positive energy that will then flow naturally throughout the body, alleviating medical as well as psychological conditions.The Japanese massage incorporates techniques of Swedish, Shiatsu and Thai massage. It is usually a deep massage.

The therapist typically massage all body parts including your stomach and breasts. Korean Massage uses many different Japanese massage techniques including fingertip,vibrations,along with shiatsu and reflexology movements to release muscle tension, relax the nervous system.These techniques have been used in Japan, combined with acupuncture and herbal remedies, for thousands of years.The origins of Japanese massage, is coming from Buddhist monks from Japan, the massage therapy  were used in conjunction with Chinese medicine to treat illness and maintain good health.Japanese Buddhists believe that, to keep a healthy body, you need to have a healthy mind, to clean all negative energies,by meditating and learning to control your mind and body.
According to Japanese holistic medicine, hands and feet contain areas that correspond to certain points on the body as well as organs in the body. By massaging the entire hand, a therapist is essentially healing all aspects of the body, especially the skeletal muscular system.
This type of hand massage is called reflexology and is used by therapists in clinics around the world to cure some internal organs that cannot be treated with conventional medicine.
Another method associated with Japanese massage is back walking, called shiatsu massage.Shiatsu massage employs the feet to alter the basic structure of damaged soft tissue in order to eliminate pain.Shiatsu massage is not recommended for everyone.Since therapist will stroke, pull, pump and push a client's back with the feet in an attempt 
-stretch the spine and relieve pressure on vertebral discs, is not recommended for people with next problems:
-infectious skin diseases , rashes or open wounds
-immediately after surgery
-immediately after chemotherapy or radiotherapy
-in osteoporosis ( osteoporosis patients should consult their doctor before starting treatment shiatsu )
-people prone to blood clots . There is a risk that the blood clot to be deployed .
-pregnant women 
-shiatsu should not be made ​​directly over bruises , inflamed skin , unhealed wounds , tumors, abdominal hernia and areas with recent fractures
Benefits of Japanese massage:
-A good state for those who follow this type of massage
-Amplification mental and spiritual awareness
-Calming of nervousness
-Reducing mental anxiety
-Reducing blood pressure
-Improve blood circulation
-Release of toxins from the body
-Reducing stress
-Deep relaxation of the muscles and tissues
-Release panic attacks
-Stimulates the production of endorphins
-Help prevent constipation
In short say, Japanese massage has got unlimited benefits for human body and people who try this technique of massage understand the positive effects of Japanese massage.


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