Infinity Iyashi Zero-Gravity Electronic Massage Chair

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If you are in search of a highly comfortable and most suitable massage chair then Infinity Iyashi will definitely catch your eyes with its amazing design and stylish looks. The infinity is one of the most innovative technologies for construction of electric Massage chair and it is meant to meet expectations of all.

Infinity Iyash Zero-Gravity Electric Massage Chair Infinite

. Iyashi is known as a best seller company of Asia for massage chairs and these chairs are designed to serve with professional massage therapy. All the features are incredible and well defined price range that suits to all; some of the major connectivity facilities are Bluetooth, chromotherapy, heat function and zero gravity. Below you will find huge details about Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair.


This zero gravity chair comes with a very appealing design and is highly comfortable to sit while providing a sense of deep relaxation to the users. The modern look of Infinity massage chair possesses supple upholstery for cushioning of body at the time of massage. You will be happy to see its tall crest and supportive wide side panels. Those who wish to buy chair as per their room décor can go for different colours as this zero gravity chair is available in so many colour options as like fully black, black-caramel, black-white, white-berry red and white-caramel etc. 

The concept of Zero Gravity:

The exclusively designed zero gravity experience of this massage chair makes it ideal for boosting the sense of well being; users will find a drastic change in their routine with much relaxed mind, calm body and stress free hours. This zero gravity experience will also help you to get relief from back pain by resolving the issues related to spine. 

Infinity iyashi zero gravity electronic massage chair

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Infinity has developed this electric massage chair with adjustable structure where two different options for gravity adjustments are available; a single press of button will help you to slide this chair in forward direction. It comes with a innovative track system that helps to save space in the room; you will find that this chair do not recline back as it is designed to be placed against the wall solving the same purpose; on the other side if the chair slides forward then the legs will be automatically lifted and weight of whole body is directly focused over backrest. The second position is well known as deeper recline type position where complete weight is focused on backrest.

1. Lumbar Heat:

There is a heating element placed right below the back area of this chair which helps users to feel relaxed with classic massage of muscle tissue. It improves your muscle health while driving more energy into your body.

2. Accu-Roll Shoulder Massage:
This chair is smart enough to detect the upper portion of your back and hence provides a targeted massage to tissues present around neck as well as upper shoulder area.

3. Waist Twist:
The Zero Gravity chair features the highly comfortable airbags in hip area so that users can feel a twisting motion with quality massage to the hip area as well as for thighs.

4. Style:
Simply saying, this chair will improve the home décor of your home with its stylish look and unique color combinations. You can pick any of these as per need of your room.

5. Footrest:
This health improving product is well equipped with rollers and airbags that can make your body more relaxing. These airbags are capable enough to provide deep tissue massage with swing, roll, knead and squeeze type actions. You will love to use its foot rollers that automatically activate huge pressure on the sole of foot. This machine will definitely provide you deep relaxation after hectic work hours.

6. Heat Therapy:
This feature can be easily controlled with the help of a remote as some people find it good for their body whereas others may not like to use. So the design is constructed especially to serve users with all facilities and they can be automated if you are feeling low due to work load. Note that it is not preferable to use this chair for pregnant women as the produced heat try to resonate whole back of users and this process is not good for the baby inside. 

7. Chromotherapy Lights:
These lights are installed on the side panel of chair and they use to illuminate attractive lights when placed in dark; you will feel very relaxing via this visual simulation.

8. S-Track Movement:
As our spine use to be in S shape so the track rail of infinity has been designed to provide maximum comfort to the natural cave of body. It also leads to better efficiency as well as improved accuracy.

9. Massage Programs:
Among so many benefits of massage chair the best one is that it is embedded with some pre-loaded massage tactics. You will be glad to know that this chair comes with 6 different pre-set programs; you simply need to choose anyone of these and enjoy its effects with deep relaxation.

10. Compatibility:
All gadgets in market are appearing with high end Bluetooth compatibility, same is the case with infinity chair so that users can enjoy music during massage. You simply need to download a basic application from store that provides complete control features for easy interface.
Such type of products are made up of very high quality materials so that a long life service can be enjoyed; but you will be happier to know that it comes with 3 year warranty so that even if it faces some trouble in operation then company is responsible for its repair and maintenance work. It makes your investment much reliable with trustworthy service providers.
Bottom Line:
If you are searching for a massage chair with unique features and superior Bluetooth connectivity then Infinity Zero Gravity can provide you best service. This is the most trusted brand in the industry and product comes with warranty so it makes you choice more reliable and trouble free. It is good to choose your chair on Amazon and order with best colour combination as soon as possible; it will make your life much relaxing.

Choose to make the most wonderful gift to your loved ones, or buy for yourself the best electric massage chair that will improve your health,keeping your entire body relaxed after a hard working day. 
The electric massager was developed to give a strong, professional-level massage into the larger muscles without the need for a masseuse. Used in accordance with its instructions, it will provide therapeutic relief for all kinds of muscles stresses and tensions for many years to come. We all need some way to reduce our stress levels, and going to massages takes time and costs a lot of money. Besides, what better place is there to relax than the privacy and comfort of your own home?
But hey, this electric massage chair is not created only for home used, many beauty salons they have this kind of gadgets to offer to their clients a quick and cheap procedure of relaxing massage, without to wait or make a booking, some beauty salons they have few chairs like this one and are an automatic payment and extra income for their business.
I seen in many big shopping centres in the world,placed this amazing electric massage chairs,with automatic buttons and coins inserting, where you can enjoy one minute or five, of relaxing massage. Quick, easy alternative of relaxing massage.
Exactly like is showing in the video, this chair is very easy to use and worth all pennies,being a life time investment.

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