How much do you know about Russian massage therapy

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   How much do you know about Russian massage therapy?
If in any way you where felt intrigued by the strong health of Russian people, or those beautiful Russian woman's, with their perfect skin, slim and healthy, you probably didn't find about how often these people they getting a session of at least one hour of massage therapy.                                                


Maybe you seen some videos with Russian baths and their traditional therapy with birch branches, when they hit each other stimulating the blood circulation, helping the immune system to become stronger,
heal sore muscles,Asthmatic improving lung ventilation.
Russian massage therapy is also known as Russian sports massage is a form of therapeutic massage developed for the treatment of injuries. This therapy is usually used by athletes and individuals who suffered injuries from strenuous activities, but also but also people suffering from cramps, or to cure or treat a muscle tear.In some luxurious spas massage therapy is the most appreciated service from the menu and the benefits are endless. 
Massage therapists in Russia associate massage therapy with herbal medicines, diet, meditation and many other factors essential for the treatment of an unhealthy person.
Russian massage therapy is usually used and associated in any medical practices which make it important for the doctors and physicians to prescribe it as a part of the healing therapy. After every check-up or treatment, the patient needs a follow up of this therapy.Doctors in Russia they trust this therapy to cure many health problems, instead of prescribing drugs.
Russian massage therapy was designed to help patients recover from traumatic injuries, common injuries, and other conditions of the body. The rest of the world discover the benefits of Russian massage only after the second world war and started to be practised in many centres for relaxing spas. Specialists like Dr. M. Y. Mudrov who was responsible for the development and association of therapeutic massage into Russian medicine. This development was credited to Dr. Mudrov which was known as the classical massage.
During the early years in Russia, only the very rich individuals were able to afford having a luxurious massage therapy aside from getting an injury and a prescription from a doctor. It was first taught in medical and athletic establishments, until the 1990s although Russian massage therapy was known by almost all people in Russia. 
After the Second World War, Russia became interested on the importance and benefits of massage therapy due to the scarcity of medicine supply to the country. This paved the way for the development and use of the Russian massage therapy. 
The Russian massage therapy, goes popular all around the world and when people understand this practice they implemented in many spas menu, since people they request this practice and are very interested to taste the art of Kazakhstan massage therapy.
Russian massage is similar with Swedish massage,both therapies uses effleurage, petrissage, vibration, and friction on the body of the patient,repeating this practice to heal all muscle pain caused by fractures or other surgery.
Typically a session of traditional Russian massage lasts between, one hour or more, depends of the particular problems patients have and the advice of therapist.A normal session of traditional Russian massage is starting in a clean, safe and relaxing room, with traditional Russian music, depends of every Sauna,the patient is laid down comfortably on a massage table while the therapist begins on working the body with slow and gentle strokes.The massage therapist then refocuses his or her treatment on the deep tissues by manipulating the muscles, especially on the problem areas. This process helps in the repair and healing of sports related injuries or any common injury. As the therapy session comes to an end, the masseuse finishes with soft, soothing bodywork to make the body become more relaxed and calm. 
After getting a Russian massage therapy, a patient can expect benefits from the treatment of certain conditions including arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, constipation, sprains, TMJ, spastic colon and many more. It is also used to treat common ailments and various disorders including musculoskeletal problems, cardiovascular disorders, intestinal problems, and other problems and imbalances in the human body.
If you curious to give it a try to Russian massage, you can find one of the most popular Banya in London, where you will have served tea, fresh towels and the cost from £25 off-peak for three hours, including use of steam room and showers, treatments extra. A three-hour session, including honey and salt scrub and body wash is £75. Separate male and female sessions are available.
More Russian massage therapy baths, you can find in all big cities like, New York,Glasgow,but also in Sydney,Singapore and many other places in the world. If you want to check if is existing a Russian bath in your city, browse our directory and see all listings for Russian massage therapy near you.




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