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Find more about importance of meditation,benefits and other interesting stuff.

With origins more than 5000 years , meditation has entered the most highly routine many people nowadays. Formerly Buddhists practice meditation to reach a state in which the mind is completely empty of any content , negative thoughts , emotions and memories that disturb peace of mind , reaching the so-called quiet or silent mind .This plan balances the conscious state of mind of the mind, thereby creating the necessary condition of accessing the subconscious and understanding deep , deep roots thoughts with operating the conscious mind .

This practice helps the person to get to know themselves and know the emotions and feelings almost magical ( according to worldwide yogis masters ) .
Meditation means to connect to the universe eliminates the restless mind and inner tensions .Below we prepared a simple meditation technique that will help you regain yourself and connect with everything around you , you begin a fascinating journey into the realm of truth.
It is recommended to practice meditation before sunrise and in the evening before bedtime , so these times of day helps you concentrate better , but not a rule , you can practice yoga at any time of day and in any place you want . the recommended time for meditation practice is at least 20 minutes, twice a day, or depending on the time available to each person.
It is not recommended to practice meditation when you are tired or exhausted.Try to start meditating while around you is quiet and a relaxed environment, not cold or too warm.
Here you have the steps to start practising meditation :
- Meditation can be practised seated in a certain posture or yoga ( Sukhasana , Vajrasana , Padmasana ) .
- Close your eyes , remove as much as possible any thoughts , interior concerns.Be aware of your body. Acknowledge body contact with the surface on which you are seated. Pay attention to how the hands are resting on the legs, feet touch each other etc.
- Relax gradually , beginning with his left foot from the bottom up , then the right leg, left arm , right arm , torso , global , bottom-up , neck, head .
- Focus your attention now breathing process . Note the rhythm of breathing , feeling the energy of the air and brought him in and out of your body.
   Acknowledge this divine process and be grateful for the magical energy that feeds the body and keeps you alive.
- Maintain your concentration just to feel you reach that peaceful feeling,this is meditation.As deeper you maintain concentration as you get to know your being, to be more aware and realize wonderful cosmic energy that surrounds us.
When you realized that you can analyse your own thoughts, your own being and cosmic physics and the mind will think of the "I" inside the storing memories , emotions and energies that go through your body, then you've come to the pure state of meditation.Buddhists monks call this state " revival "

During meditation you will feel vibrations spontaneously in different areas of the body , vision of beautiful colours that can not be seen waking experiences auditory ( sounds harmonious ), dream images (some carrying important symbols and you can wear to worlds apart from the physical world in which you live ) , a feeling of warmth and relaxation in the heart, spontaneous movements of the body, deep feelings of happiness and peace , blurring of unwanted feelings and alleviate muscle tension . Meditation is: - To you keep calm and clear mind - Keep your inner peace and concentration effortlessly - To gain a higher consciousness of the world around you - To live this without worrying about the past or the future - A trip to a world full of compassion Meditation is not: - To sleep - Fall into a trance medium-ship - To break away from reality becoming lunatic - Meditation is not an abstract or sectarian religious practice , involving a secret approach , meditation is accessible to everyone . - To identify with different thoughts and forget who and where you are or what you do there Benefits of Meditation : decreased stress,proper oxygenation of the lungs and brain,regulates blood pressure,depression and anxiety elimination , immune system , sense of compassion and self-confidence , optimism, mental freedom , the feeling of connecting with the divine ,feeling pure happiness without reason. So meditation is a method by which you can change as the better person you become wiser , helping the body to live and feel wonderful state every detail of nature that surrounds us with living energy . In 2011 a study by Harvard researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital determined that meditation rebuilds the brain’s grey matter in just eight weeks. The study involved taking magnetic resonance images (MRI) of the brains of 16 study participants before and after two weeks of daily meditation, and was shown to increase grey-matter density in the hippo-campus,known to be important for learning and memory, and in structures associated with self-awareness, compassion and introspection.Another  study in 2012 published in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, found that those who took a meditation class had a 48 per cent reduction in their overall risk of heart attack, stroke and untimely death. The same year, an inter-university collaboration between computer scientists and neuroscientists demonstrated that those who had received mindfulness-based meditation training reported less stress as they performed the multi-tasking test. Further studies have shown increases in health and happiness, and improvements in social life, self-control and productivity. Well is not just stories, is a scientific study that proves benefits of meditation and to see more about how important become meditation for human beings,in Berkshire teachers they introduced meditation classes for primary children in their timetables. The reason that teachers introduced this practice is to help them manage their own behaviour and anxieties, and improve their concentration,find here full link with article and video of children meditation:  and here you can watch video of children meditating: Meditation can be practice everywhere, while you eat, when you walk, when you listen music, or when you lay in the bed.Meditation can be practice individual or in groups of more people, usual one group of people meditate for a good cause,for a person who is ill,for peace and prosperity of a country,or to achieve a deeply connection with infinite.  If you think that something is missing from your life and cannot find your way, no matter what you do, no matter where you go, better start to take few meditation classes, so you can find yourself, meet new people who search for the same thing like you and enjoy benefits of meditation.

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