How to open a massage parlour

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When you decide to open a massage parlour you need a lot of documentation,allow yourself plenty of time and energy for all the process that will take to operate legally, pay your taxes and get support from your local council if you have problems in the future.
Depends of the county or state, laws are different and documentation to open a massage parlour is different too, so make your research properly before you start involving yourself into this kind of business.
Massage parlours are legal in some areas but can broke the laws in other areas, so that why you need to be sure that the law in your state is allowing you to open this kind of business.

First of all,to run a massage parlour you need to have a business licence from your local council like any other shop who provide massage therapies
 Here are some advices that might help you succeed into massage parlour business:
- Check the law that governing the practice of massage therapy in your state. Sometimes,you may be dealing with two sets of laws or regulations: one for the licensing    of individual massage therapists and other addressing the licensing of massage businesses. If you cannot find exactly the right answer on the local government         websites,contact an attorney and he will offer you all the details you need.
- Contact an licensing agency in your area and ask for an application.Laws require to have business licence, special massage establishment licence but also you will     need to pass a health-department or a building-code inspection.
- Be prepared to pay an application fee.These fees vary by state and if you need multiple permits or licenses, you will have to pay a separate fee for each     application. Check the policies for each agency or department: Fees may be non-refundable, even if the department denies your application.
- Evaluate the office or space in which you want to open your massage business. Some cities have strict laws about providing changing areas, restrooms and other     facilities to patrons.
- Complete the required applications.Also in some areas, you may have to visit your local police station to undergo fingerprinting and a criminal background check as     part of the application process.
- Make sure that anyone who performs massage through your business has the necessary licenses.Keep a copy of all licenses on file at your office. 
- Prepare for any inspections required as part of the licensing procedure. Ask other massage business owners for tips on working with the inspector and ensuring that     your business passes the inspection. In some states in America for example Massachusetts, you can open your massage parlour  business before the completion of a     required   inspection.
- Massage-therapy industry associations often support state and even local chapters. By joining these groups, you can help influence legislation and learn about any           changes before they happen.
- When you choose location for your business, make sure is  not around schools or churches that people will find unsuitable around this locations.
- To succeed into this kind of activity you need to have a very professional manager, or keep yourself an eye to be sure everything is running like you expect,   bookings,clean      and safety,but also a good and positive atmosphere at your local massage parlour.
- If you use lotions, nuru gel or other products for body rub,always check them for expiring date and replace them before they reach the expiring date.
- Always use some bleach,disinfectant when you wash towels and sheets.
- Make sure in every room of your salon disinfectant foam, or sanitary alcohol and use it as often as you need.
- Pay your bills and taxes on time to avoid problems.
- Make sure your employers pay their taxes on time.
  Because massage parlours are very controversial subject, laws that allowing them to operate can change at any time, that why for your safety and peace of mind keep   in touch with the agency that issue the licenses that you need to keep your business running.


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