How to make more money as a massage therapist

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We like to help many people who searching for new ideas to improve their incomes from massage therapy or making more money as a massage therapist

New ways to make extra money as a massage therapist


We all know how  many expenses we have, bank loans or want to save money for your dream holiday,but unfortunately finances are not exactly as planned ? No need to despair,because you have chosen the profession of massage therapist does not mean that you just have to go to your job and that's all.
Massage therapist profession, open your way to many opportunities, to increase your income and earn money in your spare time.Maybe you never thought how lucky you are that you have chosen to practice massage therapist job, in which you put such passion and dedication. We come with a large list of multiple opportunities to earn money in your spare time as massage therapist.
So depending on your training and experience that you have in the field of beauty and body care, whether you own an entire encyclopedia diplomas in the art of massage services, beauty or alternative therapy practices for health, read the entire article and check those ideas that you think would fit your personality:
If you already work at a beauty salon with a program at 9-5 such as indicated in beauty range, you've have some plenty of time to run another business along with your day time job,or you can get a part time job to increase your monthly revenue with some extra money.
Start offering massage courses for beginners:
- You can  offer massage courses for beginners, students or people who want to start a new career,or they have diploma but not much experience.
Start selling beauty&care products or massage tools:
- You can sell body care products, massage oil,bamboo sticks, massage table, electrical appliances such as relax & tons for body shaping,
- You can partner with companies that distribute electric massage chairs and become a dealer. Negotiate with beauty salons, spas,shopping centres, subway and some coffee shops  that would be willing to accept one device in their space and you will pay monthly rent for space and (of course consumed electricity), but the electric massage chair will collect the money for you,exactly as gaming devices.There are already some Electric massage chairs like this in some   Roadchef Motorway, but not very popular as they should be.

Sell online massage bamboo sticks    Buy online zen lifestyles et 01 zen physio deep tissue massager with infrared

If you have good communication skills marketing strategy, this can be your key to financial freedom and especially for a passive income  during your life as massage therapist.
Play a role into affiliate marketing business:
- You can create your own blog/website, register on affiliate websites( for example Amazon where you will receive between 7-12% commission on each sale) with products for body care and you will receive a commission on each sale coming from your referral link.
Write a book:
 -You can write a book about massage techniques and promote it on social media networks, Amazon Kindle or online classifieds and you will keep 100% of all earnings.
- If you haven't got a product of your own, you can register on click-bank which is a whole list of electronic books that you can promote anywhere on the internet and you will receive commission for each download made from your referral link.
Create an YouTube Channel:
- You can do explanatory videos, about massage techniques upload them on YouTube, activate monetization settings and you will be paid for every clicks on Google's ads , or even more, you can promote different products for the art of massage such as electric massage chairs, introducing your affiliate links on your videos.
All you need to have success with this method of making money in your spare time as massage therapist is to have as many visitors as possible.
 *Start by posting your videos on Facebook groups and other social media networks but also through other marketing methods such as:
 *Email marketing
 *SMS marketing; collect  phone numbers of people who provide these massage services or beauty parlours. Start a sms campaign and soon you will see the results that you expected for your business. 
Get yourself a mobile massage therapist job:
- You can advertise for yourself as a mobile masseuse,you will need to travel to your customers homes or even their office ( there are companies that hire massage therapists at offices for their employees,this is a bonus that helps employees to unwind, relax and focus better at work, becoming more productive and creative)
 When you apply for this kind of job you will choose program according to your availability.

Create your own DVDS:
- You can create DVDs for learning massage techniques,sell them on Ebay, Amazon, online classifieds,negotiate with specific DVDs shops that will accept to sell your DVDs for a small commission on each sale or even on your own website or blog.
Sell online advertising space:
- If you have a blog or website with many visitors, you can display banners with advertisements from different companies that sell beauty products, or other therapists who want to promote their business in front of many people.
Start your personal beauty products brand:
- You can create your personal brand for beauty&care products (here is more complicated and need to do more research to get to have a successful business in this area)
Sell decorative candles and aromatic oils:
- You can sell decorative candles and scented oils( you can do this without having your own online shop,start with Ebay or Amazon and when selling are getting higher, you can create your own online shop)
- You can sell salt lamps that are so great for humans health, curing asthma,respiratory problems and cleaning the air.
Apply for a receptionist job:
- You can apply for a job as receptionist for a massage parlour (some massage parlours have a different schedule from usual beauty parlour and therefore you can work at least four hours in which you'll be paid between 9-10 £ per hour.
Innovate your beauty salon:
- If you have your beauty salon, you can rent one or more rooms for other therapists,bringing you a stable monthly income.
- If you have a beauty salon or spa, you can create a special room desalinated for salt therapy. People who suffering from asthma and respiratory problems to pay an entrance fee and this will bring you new income to your business.

- Boost your income with a standing up tanning bed,this is another passive income and people care about their look and bodies, so if you don't have such a service into your beauty parlour, you better start right now to search for the best standing up tanning bed and let the money flow to you.
Have you considered taking few weeks off from your normal job and working in a tourist destination or applying for cruise jobs?
Do not ignore this ideas that will make huge changes into your annual income.
Don't forget about tips box:
- The latest idea to make some extra cash is to add a pretty little box for tips at paying desk,with a message tickler but funny at the same time.Something like :
"Our entire team thanks you for your generosity"
"Today you contributed for tipping others beauty courses books"
" We haven't got words to thank you for your tips"
" Your tips is helping us to keep our business carrying on"

Massage parlours tip jar

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