How to decorate a massage salon in Feng Shui style

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How to decorate a massage salon in  Feng Shui style.

Feng shui spa style

FengShui has its roots in Chinese culture and in Chinese language it means ‘wind water’. The ethnicity attached to wind is that it is moving part of air while water is moving part on land and thus this word is believed to give life and nourishment to nature as a whole. Their presence is responsible for sustenance of so many people on earth and thus the piousness of FengShui can’t be ignored. The common thread shared by massage and FengShui is that both focus on maximising positive energy and decreasing negative energy. The intention of first one is to create the same in person while the latter one fulfils the same for the particular space. The combination of both proves to be magical because if there would be good flow of energy in one aspect, it will transform another. 
Before booking a space for massage salon.

The basic motto of massage is to seclude the client for that span of time from the world so that he can relax and cross the boundaries of stress and meet the horizons of happiness and calmness. The same intuition is held by study of FengShui and hence while looking out the place for massage salon if you think that you are unable to re-connect with nature, doesn’t feel like you can recharge your health batteries here and finding the place to be noisy then irrespective of the fact that the place is falling under the prime location or is the most hot-spot in time, you should not invest here. 

How to decorate a massage salon in feng shui style

 Learn to decorate your massage salon in feng shui style



This is because you would fail to provide what you should ideally be providing and hence it will kill the whole purpose of investment! Therefore play close attention to the vibes you get after entering the space as not every space has the attractive and positive energy. 
If you have finalised a place that suits your requirement then just as FengShui helped you in selecting the space, it can give an enormous boost to your salon business. So if you are willing to optimise the energetic of the massage practice using FengShui then following are few tips through which you can decorate it. Check it out!
1.    Water Object: Install a water fountain in the parlour. The colour of the water and the colour of the base should dominate to create a dominating and attractive image. A water fountain or bubbling aquarium would also serve the purpose but what needs to be taken care of is that the water display should not be dirty and still, it should always be clean and moving. Smooth moving water is basically believed to bring prosperity and coolness to the human mind and body. 

Water fall decoration for fengshui style

mind and body.
2.    Use flowers for decoration: The beautiful and fragrant flowers are very good as per FengShui as it creates good Chi. Chi is a term which basically describes vibes, spirit and energy. There can be good as well as bad chi! Fresh flowers help in bringing good Chi to the salon which brings luck and increased number of opportunities. Dead plants and dead flowers should be removed daily as they can create bad chi. Along with this you have to make sure that plants with sharp, pointy and thorny leaves are not planted as they don’t symbolise growth and prosperity. If by chance the structure of the salon doesn’t allow to plant real flowers then you can use silk plants which are not as powerful as real flowers but not as weak as dead plants too. 
3.    Wind Chimes: Decorate the parlour with beautiful and softly ringing wind chimes and bells at the entrance so that they make sound when the door is opened or closed. It is believed to welcome good chi and also enhances the beauty of the parlour. Every time the door opens  and wind chimes create a sweet sound is an indication that the next customer is on the way and approaching soon. 

How to decorate a spa in fengshui style


Wood elements for feng shui

4.    Wall colour: If you are confused about the colour theme of your massage salon then FengShui can help you in determining. You can paint the massage room with combination of red and white as red helps in building social status and bringing recognition while light colours like white are symbolisation of stability. Blue and purple are colours of prosperity, opportunities and wealth and its combination with light colours soothes the eyes, mind and create positive aura in the room. 
5.    Decorative earth element: The earth FengShui element pleases visually and increase the gives an aesthetic look to the salon. So to add that pinch of earthiness to your salon, you can go for natural stones and crystals and place them in a bowl for decoration, put up some clay figurines, decorate with candle holders diffusing essential oils or put up decorative earthen pots in the corners. 
6.    The lightning: Massage room should be lit well as light has a major role to play in the salon. Lights should be soothing to the eyes so that the client feels like dozing off under them. Thus it is significant to pay attention towards colour and design of light fixtures. There are beautiful Chandeliers which have rock crystals attached along with bottle green pendants which can add light as well as great FengShui decor element. 

Massage salon fengshui decorations



7.    Full-length mirror: Mirrors are termed as ‘aspirin of FengShui’; this is because lot of healing properties are connected with mirror. Therefore FengShui always recommends using a whole mirror in which the client can see himself from head to toe. It should not be tiny and tiled as these days most of the restaurants are using for decoration. FengShui believes that mirror is the true source of peeping into your personality and hence they should be complete and not broken. Mirrors should be present in the massage room but along with this they should be placed in a manner that they don’t face the front door directly but are hanged in a manner to amplify the outdoor beauty and brightness. Mirror in the hall or reception area is believed to accumulate the good chi from outside and circulate it throughout the massage salon. Also make sure that the mirrors in the massage room is beyond 5 feet from entrance as otherwise it bounce the energy back out of the door.   

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8.    Wood element: Assortment of aromatic herbs and fragrant plants purifies the air as well as create heavenly sensation in the salon. Lush green plants (avoid thorny), wood statues and figurines, wall murals describing wood figures, bamboo chimes and lucky bamboo plant are some of the examples through which you can bless your place with wood element. 
9.    Placement of massage cot: The mattress should be soft and relaxing as the purpose of the massage is to give complete relaxation to the client. The massage rooms are generally small and thus placement of the massage table should be done strategically as otherwise it can interrupt the relaxation of the client. Make sure that the table is not placed in the front of the door as otherwise client would not be able to see the door clearly and thus they would not be able to relax as opening or closing of door might startle them. The head or the feet should not be towards the door as they would tilt their posture to see the movement of the door which is against the policy if relaxation. You can place it with a wall from where the door is visible clearly so that they can doze with calm mind.

Chinese traditional massage fengshui


10.    Masseurs: The salon girls and guys should be dressed neatly and properly. Their personality is basically the face of the salon. How do you feel when you enter the office and see your boss? And how do you feel when you enter the office and see her beautiful smiling face? The  difference of answers in these questions is the difference that matters in case of the masseurs. They should be smart, empathetic and smiling so that the client feels safe and dependable in their hands. Pleasing personality improves the confidence level and brings good chi to the client and masseur.

FengShui is all about drawing positivism and thus it should be the policy of your salon to stay smiling and say thanks to even the toughest client. It would not bring physical beauty to the salon but it would rain happiness. 
The ground belief of FengShui lies in five elements of universe namely water, earth, wood, fire and metal and if you notice then the decoration ideas revolve somewhere around these elements only.  Decoration is one aspect but maintaining the cleanliness and neatness especially in the salons is of prime importance. Flowers, water fountains, rocks, candles, floor and everything should be cleaned and moped with aromatic disinfectants. So this is how a little enhancement towards your massage parlour can go a long way towards increasing the clientele and improving their experience and FengShui acts as a perfect friend for this enhancement!

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