How to cure depression with massage therapy

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Physical pain is often chronic goes hand in hand with psychological depression.People who come for relaxing massage also suffer from depression or sadness.Depression has got major physiological and anatomical components that only relaxing massage therapy can touch that sensitive receptors that respond to subconscious.First of all is important to understand depression causes and how it manifests physically, after that you can find the right therapy to succeed and cure the depression effects.It can be different types of depressions, that's why you need to understand how they individually respond to massage therapy. Only doctors can proceed to use the right technique to have positive results in fight with depression.
Situational depression: Many people are situational depressed,this kind of people they usually have situations in life that are stressful and appear overwhelming, making them feel uncomfortable and frustrated, causing effects like body heating, difficult to talk or changing face skin into red, that make the patient to feel very embarrassed. Some causes of situational depression after loss of a loved one is experienced, typically during the mourning process. The good news is when the situations change massage can very effectively support the client moving out of depression. Soft tissue massage can help the patient to open its receptors, getting more confident and relaxed. Is very important to relax and learn to learn to breathe correctly.

Family of origin depression: Other forms of depression are more psychological and origins is from unresolved problems. This people they often need medication prescription to get the best results when is on treatment to cure depression. Some effects of depression is coming from child abuse, parents who verbally or fiscally abused their children since they was  very early ages. Other reason can be because one of the parent has died and that child suffered a depression that was locked into the subconsciously. In these situations, there are also endorphins biochemical changes.Because of  depression human body is sending negative feelings that locking the endorphins and doesn't leave the brain to give freedom to  the happiness hormone.
Moderate  depression will be longer term to cure the effects and get completely physical health.However, unlike family of origin depression, moderate depression will often be triggered by no discernible event. Patient who suffer from moderate depression, will be given  head massage sessions, medicine prescriptions plus some psychology sessions. Because of the longevity and severity of moderate depression there are substantial structural and biochemical changes to the endorphins. Patient will be monitored by mental health professionals during the duration of massage therapy, plus will be given to consume Green Tea. Researchers know that green tea is an incredibly rich source of antioxidants, but its depression-fighting properties can be traced to an amino acid known as theanine. Doctor will tell to patient how much can consume in one day, because you cannot drink too much Green tea, otherwise can have side effects.

For severe depression often requires hospitalization and special medication. These patients usually will not come for massage therapy until they have had months of both psychological and medical treatment.Patients with severe depression will be hospitalized and monitored by psychiatrist and/or psychotherapist to prevent that person who suffer from this symptoms to cause suicide or any other actions that cannot be controlled.

Another type of depression is less dangerous then severe, but still cause problems to patients who have this symptoms. These people are treated by mental health professionals with both medication and relaxation therapy. Because of the duration of chronic depression there will be significant structural collapse and changes in the endorphins. During this long treatment people who suffer from chronic depressions will be strictly monitored by professional staff.
Treatment with Massage

The effects of massage therapy in fight with depressions are well know by experts and they recommend for patients to have very often sessions of head massage, reflexology and bring courses.Bright is very important and sometimes fresh air is very useful for a person who suffer from depression and become anxious. Is recommended exercises, sport and lots of activities. Communication is very important and one person who is in depression should make new friends and go out for activities, to have every time something to do. All the forms of depression there is a structural collapse in the client. This involves a shortening of the abdominal muscles and a tightening of the diaphragmatic arch which pulls the chest down and forward, limiting the ability to expand breathing. There is an additional medial rotation of the shoulders and internal rotation of the arms resulting in a psychosis that further restricts breathing. 
Massage is used to complete the treatment duration and only qualified therapists they know exactly what points they need to touch to realist tensions and give to the patient maximum relaxation in muscles that will realist depression and causes that make it. This sense of support will give the client feelings of being stronger and more capable of dealing with the issues of their depression.Body parts that need to be massages gentle  are: abdomen and diaphragmatic arch,the musculature and connective tissue of the front of the chest that cause a sunken chest and medial rotation of the shoulder, the musculature and connective tissue of the anterior shoulder and upper arms that cause an internal rotation of the arms,the musculature and connective tissue of the anterior neck followed by the posterior neck and top of the shoulders. All this actions will drive significant structural change for a  depressed person.
Some massage therapists they recommend to the patients to follow some Yoga courses where they will learn breath courses, how to use this technique to improve how to breathe properly and utilize this technique to oxygenate the brain properly , which will bring many improvements to health in body. Be happy this is important key to realist depression, do whatever you like  and try to see the good part in any situation.



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