Erotic Massage Tips and Techniques for a Romantic Interlude

Erotic Massage - Tips and Techniques for a Romantic Interlude

For an epic erotic massage, proper planning is required. While you need not be an expert masseuse to experience the pleasure, some basic techniques and helpful tips are vital to have a perfect and sublime experience with your partner. It is more than the right hand’s movement. It is an art that needs to be practiced and refined upon. Below mentioned are some tips and tricks for a killer erotic massage Bayswater that would lead to a pleasurable and satisfying experience.
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Setting the mood

To get a truly sensational experience, setting the right mood and ambience is crucial. For it, one must ensure certain things like –
• Privacy - Being a sexual experience, privacy is important to feel relaxed and comfortable. Thus, you need to plan ahead and eliminate all interruptions and potential distractions like switching off phones, arranging for children and pets, locking doors etc.
• Location - There should be a comfortable and spacious massage area. Bed is always preferred over couches or floor. The temperature of the room should be comfortable at neither too hot nor too cold.
• Ambience - A light and romantic ambience does much to extract maximum pleasure out of the erotic massage. Get the lights dimmed and decorate the room with flowers and candles with soft romantic music playing in the background. There are special massage candles available that apart from enhancing the romantic ambience, it melts down to become the oil for the massage itself.
• Personal preparation - Both of you should ideally take a luxurious bath before the massage and must be as relaxed and happy for the massage as possible.

The massage itself

Despite its therapeutic benefits, it is important to remember that its main aim is an erotic massage. Thus, you need not be overtly focused on technique but rather on getting your partner relaxed and heightening his or her desires. It is always better to start slowly and then adapt the technique according to your partner’s response, sensitivity and needs. Try to keep the movements tender and rhythmic. Use liberal amount of oils and cream so that your strokes are fluid and easy. Remember that though a real good massage may require some practice, you can never give a bad massage.

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