Swedish massage

Japanese massage

Traditional Japanese massage are varieties of Asian massage techniques involving thumb, elbow and fingertip pressure. A Japanese massage can be defined as one that uses several techniques. Some of which include shiatsu and reflexology. Japanese massage is used specially for people who suffer from different muscle disease by facilitating the release of stress within the muscles and nervous system. Massage practitioner spreading positive energy that will then flow naturally throughout the body, alleviating medical as well as psychological conditions.The Japanese massage incorporates techniques of Swedish, Shiatsu and Thai massage. It is usually a deep massage.

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Benefits of massage therapy

        More information about massage therapy and how is helping your body and improve your health condition

Relaxing massage is one of the oldest therapy to purifing the body and mind, which origins come from China, some types of massage can be from Hindus ( Indian head massage) Swedish massage,applied form of massage for many aliments.

Experts know that Hipocrate wrote on papers documment recommending rubing and frictions  for joint and circulatory problems. Physiotherapists combine massage techniques with many exercices  that help people who suffer from back problems, the feeling of heavy legs, or fractures.

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