Nuru massage in London

Looking For Self-Spirituality? Opt for Tantra Massage in Knightsbridge

Looking For Self-Spirituality? Opt for Tantra Massage in Knightsbridge.

Who doesn’t like the exquisiteness of a body massage that relaxes the mind to get rid of every stress and tension? The expert hands of an experienced masseur/masseuse swiftly moving through your skin folds are nothing less than scintillating. So, if you are residing in and around London, a Tantra massage in Knightsbridge can be the ace of your choice.
Tantra massage in knightsbridge

What do you understand by a Tantra massage?

You have signed up for a tantric massage and are expecting to see beautiful masseuses welcoming you into a world of fantasies and mysticism. While your thoughts may receive a partial realisation, the pivotal point of any tantric service is their spiritual ecstasy. Blending exoticness in a wrap of rituals, these professionals help you attain the highest level of “spirituality.”

This “spiritual” enlightenment comes through a careful nurturing process, allowing your body to attain its climatic nirvana. It soothes your lusty soul, satisfies your fleshy needs and helps you to rediscover your physical sensitivities like never before.

Why should you go for a Tantric massage?

Self-realization and self-bond are what every reliable massage parlour looks to offer you. Creating a luxurious Environ and an intimidating ambience, they help to improve your sexual drive; hence, the bond with your partner.

Talking of health benefits, a satisfying tantric massage can boost your self-esteem to a great extent. This, in turn, reduces undesirable stress by improving blood circulation in your body. Better blood circulation, on the other hand, eliminates problems like headaches and migraines. So, you sleep better and wake up rejuvenated the next morning. A good massage session, thus, brings along all-round benefits for your physical well-being.


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The hidden pleasures behind Nuru massage in London

The hidden pleasures  behind Nuru massage in London
Nuru Massage's also known as body slide, is a massage performed using a special kind of massage gel call 'Nuru Gel' that can be found at online shops, or special body care shops on high street.

Nuru massage in london

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Nuru massage in London

Nuru Massage style was originated from Japan; the word Nuru taken from Japanese language actually means “slippery”. This is a kind of sensual massage in which partners use to relax their body with full body contact while stimulating their mutual sexual desires. For this massage both partners stay nude and make use of an ultra slippery thick gel on body that is commonly known as Nuru Gel. This technique of massage came from bathhouses of Japan that are also called as soaplands.

Nuru massage therapy is a kind of body to body treatment where masseuse makes use of complete body for client’s massage instead using only hands. Therapist simply drifts her whole body on clients, with assistance of specialised lubricating oil that is called as Nuru Gel. Landon massage parlours are popular for this service where highly professional masseuse works for such kind of nude body treatment of clients. This massage therapy is now popular in every corner of world and people often go for Nuru Massage to avail huge health benefits.

The Nuru massage session goes under a room temperature of 26 degrees so that both partners can stay comfortable. To add more joy to this session your therapist will put some candles and low music in the room; as nuru gel works perfectly on dump skin so you have to take a shower with masseuse prior to treatment. Then masseuse will mix pre-warmed nuru gel with some warm water and will apply it on her naked body. Finally she will start drifting over client who is already lying down on bed; masseuse will try to make as much contact with your body as possible using her breasts, groin, thighs and buttocks in a very gliding and rocking motion. The Nuru gel ensures frictionless sliding with excellent sensations where clients may get sexually galvanized. Nuru Message in London gives you best services for this unique massage therapy with huge health benefits.

Amazing health benefits of nuru massage in London

  • This massage helps in pain relief and improves flexibility of body in very natural manner. Nuru massage is effective for tension relief of muscles as it boosts release of endorphins.

  • Nuru massage treatment is proven to energise metabolic process in human body and boosts natural healing process for injuries and ill-health.

  • This massage therapy initiates reduction of stress as well as anxiety in mind and body; scientists also believe that it can effectively recover symptoms of depression.

  • The nuru massage gel helps to nourish the body and improves moisture content in skin.

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