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If you where curious to try Chromotherapy now is the time to  do it.Since antiquity, many peoples have used this technique therapy  for rituals and healing.In our days  is used for both sides as physical and psychological therapy. Chromotherapy is a fantastic method of therapy treatment that uses the visible spectrum (colours) of electromagnetic radiation to cure diseases.Experts practised  this therapy and has been very  successfully over the years to cure various diseases. We analogize  chromotherapy and made more research about this intrigued therapy that is so amazing for doctors to practice and very hard for newbies to understand how Chromotherapy is working.

Doing huge amount of research  we been able to underlying scientific principles, but without quantitative study. Doctors and professional qualified therapists they can offer sufficient material about the  system of treatment focused on the treatment methodologies and healing characteristics of colours. In Yoga art some people they learned the importance of Chromotherapy and how it can be used to captivate positive energy from Cosmos. Experiments and studies have elaborated the relationship between the human body and colours and how it can determinate emotions, sensations and what exactly is happening in the brain when shows different colours.Every colour is transmitting different reactions in contact with human eye that become sensation, that sensation is going to brain that processing this reaction and drive to emotions, positive or negative.Every colour has its own wave length and frequency, influencing the vibrational frequencies of our body's cells to create balance and harmony. Emotions are a very important part of every person and we all know that positive energy is making your body to feel, think and get more and more healthy, instead negative energy will make your body ill,always tired with no energy, is like an energetic vampire that suck all your positive energy and leaves your body without without defence. Thats why doctors they use this therapy to get very deeply into human brain to unblock and relied negative vibrations leaving your body free and knowing  a new dimension.

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