Can erotic massage also be exotic massage?

What is considered exotic massage are more often the Eastern practices like the Chinese method of touch therapy known as Tui Na massage, the Reiki massage which originated from Japan and of course the Hawaiian Lomi-lomi massage. Now all of them have a very specific detail that is in correlation with the practices and rituals of their particular origin place.

The Lomi-lomi massage is an old kind of massage with a deep spiritual content that is practiced in Hawaiian spas and it incorporates breathing patterns, clapping movements on the patient’s back and not to mention the fact that an actual green hula skirt is required by tradition. Now that’s one thing you will rarely see in any hotel in the French Capital. A European woman in a tradition island dress strutting around. Not validated and not welcomed by anybody this idea. I will stick to my sessions of nude body to body, it makes things so much easier.


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