Best Tips for A Sensuous Nude Body to Body Massage

Giving a full nude body to body massage London to your partner is perhaps the best gift that you can present. It can be an ideal sneaky prelude to some steamy sex with your partner.

Sensuous nude body to body massage

However, making it truly relaxing and pleasurable goes beyond lighting some candles, spreading flowers and slapping oil. It’s is also about impressing your lover with some truly savvy nude massage techniques. To achieve it, we provide some vital tips and instructions below –


• The massage always starts with setting the scene. Get you partner lie down on a towel on their back. If desired, half of the body can be covered to keep away the cold. Plenty of spare towels can be kept nearby to cover for any spillages.

• Remember not to leave your partner dripping wet with oil. Both of your bodies must shimmer while the majority of the oil should have been absorbed into the body through your body to body strokes.

• The massage can be started by using cat strokes down the entire length of the back down to the legs and even the sides of the waist. Keep the movements gentle, light and soft which are rhythmic to get your partner in a deeply relaxed state.

• One killer erotic massage technique is to use your nails to run down from the top of the neck down to the waist, slightly increasing the pressure as you retract the way back to the hair and down again.

• Pouring some oil on the back, you can use a spreading technique called as Effleurage helps relax the muscles at the surface. Circular strokes are used liberally to move the hands up and down your lovers back but avoiding working directly over the spine.

• Once oil has been applied throughout the body, glide your body gently against your partner for maximum contact and pleasure. Follow your partner’s cue and cater to his/her demands and needs.

• Massage is not something that should be hurried over. You should take full time in extract maximum pleasure and fun out of it. The emphasis should be on relaxing and enjoying the experience and deriving maximum pleasure of each other. Any pain or discomfort experienced will break the mood. So concentrate on giving long and smooth strokes while catering to the needs of the partner.

The massage can lead to some wonderful sex and then a hot relaxing bath together to tidy things over.

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