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We approach this subject because many  therapists they don't really know what type of oil to use for body massage.

Argan oil for body to body  massage

Maybe you learn at your massage courses about some aromatic oil with specific properties that help improve your body condition,but have you really practised oil massage with your clients? What was their opinion about oil that you use, did they like it, did they feel uncomfortable, did they had allergies after you use some perfumed oil?


 Maybe yes,maybe not, however, many clients they don't tell you that they don't like lotion or oil that you use to massage their body,they trust you, so you need to prove that you know what you doing.Maybe you discover yourself how sad is when clients that visited you one time, they didn't come back again.So you need to ask yourself what was the reason? 
Well one of the most common reasons that people they don't go back at their previews masseuse is because they find their massage oil unpleasant or they  have gone leaving behind only the lavender smell  :))) think about, that client is going back to work after he had a massage during his lunch break,or he is going home and rest of family will notice his lavender smell, he will get into some explanations,explanations that should not have to give if you do not use over scented oil. Don't be sad every massage therapist happen to don't realize the importance of oil that they use for massage.
We will offer you some tips about what oil for body massage you can use and they help your clients come back with a big smile on their face.
The most important reason to use oil for massage is to lubricate the skin to reduce friction while performing a massage.Please forget about Johnsons baby oil,is cheap and is not any-more use by professional therapists.Baby oil is leaving traces of fat on the body and is taking too long to clean complete during a short shower.Remember your client need a quick shower, he hasn't got time for bath, that's why you need to give attention to oil for massage service.
From  researches,is clear that the best oil for body massage is Argan oil( some people call it Liquid gold) thanks to his price. Argan oil is an organic product extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, which is original from Morocco. This miracle oil is extremely rich in beneficial nutrients including fatty acids and vitamin E. The properties of Argan oil make it particularly beneficial for the hair and skin, which makes it a popular cosmetic choice for many celebrities.But not only celebrities use this oil,every person who find about it's properties they included in their beauty routine, massage sessions and hair treat.
- The highest level of vitamin E makes this oil such special and leave your skin 100% hydrated and soft, without load on the skin.Some people they add some drops of this kind of oil in their shower gel, shampoo or conditioner.You will notice that your skin will feel like a baby skin, smooth and soft. Don't believe me? Try it yourself.
- Also massage therapists they combine argan oil with some drops of tea tree oil,
jojoba oil or avocado oil.When we say drops, is mind no more then two drops,because you will get the best results, with very gentle smell of natural plants.You can use  just simple argan oil for body massage, is not smelling and after one shower will leave the skin clean( not sticky).
- Argan oil contains up to 10 times more vitamin E than olive oil.
- If you want to use for hair, massage to the root and  leave it in your hair overnight and wash it in the morning.This amazing oil moisturises and smoothes the rebel   hair giving shine after few aplicattions.
- For pregnant woman's is like a blessing to use Argan oil helping to prevent stretch marks, mom's can massage their breasts to keep them supple and prevent them to leave down and look unattractive.
- You can introduce Argan oil into your diet which can be used as dressing in fresh  salads,but can be added to various cooked dishes, such as fish, sweet potatoes , soups and even desserts .
Benefits of using Argan oil in the food:
-Reduce bad cholesterol
-Aids digestion
-It stimulates fat burning
-Stabilizes blood sugar 
-Strengthens the immune system 
To maintain health and beauty at its peak, it is recommended to eat a teaspoon per day, in the morning on an empty stomach.
We hope this article help you to choose the best oil for body massage  and if you like to try Argan oil you can buy from Amazon where you can check reviews from buyers  but also compare prices from sellers.
Due to higher price of this oil is rarely found in supermarkets or speciality health food stores.

Other scented oils for example Chamomile,Rosemary,Ginger,YLANG YLANG,Roses,Eucalyptus  can be used for aromatherapy or drop some in jacuzzi water. Some people are very sensitive and allergic at scented oils, but if you use two drops in jacuzzi water or for your aromatherapy candle will create a special atmosphere.

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