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The miracle of reflexology therapy

Foot massage is really a blessing relaxation that massage therapist is putting onto your body and transmit you positive energy that revitalising and energizing your entire body and physic. Main function of  this massage treatment rests in the premise that the meridian network connects all tissues,intern  organs and cells in our body.Reflexology is a very old therapy used to treat specific causes that make human body to get ill or suffer some disorders. Every internal organ in the body is connected to a specific reflex pointed on the foot through the intermediary of 300 nerves. 

Reflexology therapy is a dedicated massage type that massaging the various points from soles feet, for every organ in the human body .
Reflexology has been practised since 2500-2330 i.Hr, according to ancient manuscripts that show two men massaging the feet of other two men.Reflexology is a massage technique that is practised in specialized clinical,where different people who can not find solution to their health problems, but this massage technique is also used in many spas and  massage parlours more, or less professional.To enjoy the real benefits of  reflexology therapy, it is advisable to go to specialist clinics, where qualified therapists will help you choose the best session of reflexology, will know exactly points from the sole which corresponding to organs in the body, that have any problems . 

Eunice Ingham is the therapist who founded the modern relaxation practices by discovering different touch legs sensitivity, such as tingling or pain.
Renowned doctor, Dr. William Fitzgerald discovered that the body can be divided into 10 vertical zones, from head to toes, corresponding to ten fingers of the hands and ten toes. Pressure on certain fingers of the hands has some effect on the body parts found in corresponding areas .
Also, consider that the nerve endings correspond to human anatomy map. In fact, if we put the feet closer, we see that the general shape of the human body :
- Thumbs correspond to the head and neck , small fingers is based right shoulder and left shoulder and inner sole of each region represent the left and right side of the spine.
The nervous system is so complex and covers the entire body, producing pleasure or pain only in a small or large area.In despite the lack of scientific findings, there are so many evidence from case studies and happenings that say foot reflexology practice instead on pressure has beneficial effects on health, that we are forced to admit that massaging and stimulating the feet in a certain way has a direct and positive effect on the body and mind.


How does reflexology work ?
It is obvious that touching feet, causing a sensation of pleasure and relaxation and stimulates all the nerve centres that connect the internal organs of the body with skin soles, reacting according to the sensation produced or delicate touches or a stronger massage or hydrotherapy massage ( keeping your feet in warm water bath, special tub that is used in beauty salons that offer services like pedicures).
Personally,I do not think that is existing people to don't  like reaching their feet and massage with aromatic oil, with baby powder or simple massage without lubrication.Probably you have found how relaxing it is when your feet are pampered with reflexology massage, causing instant sensations of  maximum relaxation and pleasure.
With delicate touches of feet, the human brain react immediately giving the command to the body to relax,an accurate example how reflexology is working is, ( imagine that your computer needs antivirus to clean all files and scan all documents stored in your computer,the same is reflexology practised correctly will get to rub all the nerves that connect to the internal organs, cleaning your body from toxins, stress,disorder,helping realist kidney stones), depending on the pressure you apply to massage the soles, it is clinically proven how certain organs react with a kind of sensations, for example:
- Massaging heel, you will feel a kind of pain sensation in the ovary / testicle ( mentioning that usually, patients feel pain in organs of the body when massaging nerve centres in the sole, only if they have problems with those areas at women can be polycystic ovaries or for  males can be prostate problems etc.
- Massaging foot thumb patient can feel different sensations that will resonate with patient's head
- Massaging the sole right under the middle meridian line, different sensations will be felt in the kidney area and many therapists practice this type of massage for patients who have kidney stones, helping them to eliminate them without drugs
Chinese doctors reported that in the body there are a number of energy pathways ( or meridians ) that carry vital energy called chi / ki . It is said that when these pathways are blocked, perhaps due to stress or panic attacks, depression,  occurs illnesses. Sometimes, to unlock these energy channels and to stimulate the flow of vital energy healthy, therapists use acupuncture or acupressure practice.
As most of the major energy pathways begin or end in the feet, reflexology stimulates one way or another. However, even a full treatment of reflexology will stimulate all meridians and couldn't treat all, because not all pathways end in the feet, there are many other minor avenues,principal or secondary. Therefore, acupuncture and acupressure are practised throughout the body.
Acupuncture ( which will be discussed in another article ) dates back thousands of years, so that if it were effective only in treating leg ,we should have noticed so far.
To make an impression out most about positioning organs in the feet have presented a map that you can consult carefully , or if you want to study massage reflexology , you'll understand precisely this method of healing of internal organs and how to use.
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