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Throughout the world, there are often a lot of confusion, misconceptions and incorrect perceptions about various things, especially in regards to people and careers. In India, women working at call centers (more officially known as BPOs or Business Process Outsourcing) sometimes are erroneously thought of as being call girls, or (sexual) escorts or prostitutes. Even many places in the developed world often correlate massage parlors with sexual activity.


Those of you in the field of relaxing massage in Canada undoubtedly already know this. One way to counteract this less than desirable image is to act counter to it; to do something that makes it impossible for your massage business to be associated with this. 

A few good techniques would include advertising to families. Husbands often have stressful and/or physically demanding jobs. Wives often have the stress of working at companies as well as taking care of the appearance of the home and the care of the children. Children are highly active, and can endure a lot, but if they are feeling weak or undergo too much exertion then they can become tense as well. All of these can be alleviated or removed by a massage service. A massage therapy in Toronto is much more beneficial to your health and to your pocketbook than a visit to the doctor would be. You may want to consider family or group discounts.


On the subject of groups, you may want to cater to a niche such as athletes, people who exercise regularly and heavily, and/or to executives. All of these people have both physical and mental stresses that can be reduced or eliminated through massage. And, furthering the idea of counteracting the negative reputation of massage, you can meet in the offices of gyms of your clients, rather than for them to visit you. This provides the additional benefits of being a value-added service, and perhaps eliminating the need for you to have a store-front operation and its attendant high costs in rent and maintenance.


By ensuring these above-board activities, it can help you generate more clients who want to know where to find massage therapists in Canada. By allowing for a good reputation, you can rank favorably in a Canada Massage Directory  such as Yelp. Our favorite of the Local tab at Google+ has now gone away, but there is the similar option of Google Maps which shows the location and reviews of massage locations where you are.


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